Bourgoin Pineau des Charentes Elevage Oxydatif 2010

Bourgoin Pineau des Charentes Elevage Oxydatif 2010

Bourgoin Pineau is coming from a fortification of ugni blanc must and fine cognacs from the Fins Bois. Thirst-quenching, this white pineau des Charentes will surprise you as it is fresh, light and so very elegantly tasty. The key aroma note at the heart of this golden liquid, being the red apricot from the Roussillon region. The fortification is achieved right by the start of the fermentation. It is then aged for 12 months in second-hand casks infused with very old cognacs. A four year journey will then start to invert the natural sugars, in a stainless-steel vat. Bourgoin Pineau differentiates itself from other pineau’s thanks to its balanced acidity an and unique mouthfeel. Hand bottled, no filtration, no addition. ABV 17%

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