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Domaine Henri Germain Cote D'or Blanc 2021

Domaine Henri Germain Cote D'or Blanc 2021

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Bottled under the Bourgogne Côte d’Or appellation (which helps distinguish Bourgogne wines grown in the Côte d’Or from other parts of Burgundy). Specifically, this comes from around a hectare of vines spread over four Meursault and Chassagne terroirs, including, in Meursault, Les Belles Côtes (just below Les Chevalières), Au Jardin, Petit Clos (a true clos, right next to the winery in the centre of Meursault) and a fourth parcel of Chassagne that came online with the 2016 vintage. Once again, this is a super example of Bourgogne, with excellent depth and character for its level.

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