Kirei Shuzo 'Karakuchi 80' Sake 2020 720ml

Kirei Shuzo 'Karakuchi 80' Sake 2020 720ml

RICE TYPE: Shin-Senbon
ALCOHOL: 17.6%
SERVE: Chilled
The Japanese word ‘kara’ means dry and the sake name ‘karakuchi’ means this sake is an extra dry style. The '80' represents the rice polishing rate, with 80% of the grain remaining. This low polishing leaves great flavours from the fats, proteins and amino acids in the rice and creates a richer palate weight. Toji [Master Brewer] Masahiro Nishigaki utilises the breweries own special strain of yeast known as 'Kirei #9' to produce a high quality sake. He also uses a slow pressing technique that results in less liquid yet of a higher quality.  'Karakuchi 80' has a rich textural palate with dry minerality and an intensely spice-laden mid-palate of licorice and pear. 

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