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Featured Producer: Harrison Wines, South Australia

Featured Producer: Harrison Wines, South Australia

We've been just a bit smitten with the wines of local lad Riley Harrison for a few years now and the lineup of Harrison's latest wines have real appeal for just about every palate. Riley's story began back in 2015 when he picked and made wine from a tonne of Grenache from the Barossa under the name Fleur de la Lune. Riley has worked in some of the largest commercial and most well-loved artisanal wineries in his career before launching his own project. His portfolio has grown to encompass his mainstay Grenache from the famed Schiller vineyard to more recent forays with an incisive Grenache Blanc and Roussanne textural white as well as a spiffy riff on the classic Aussie claret blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Harrison's wines speak of sheer hedonistic pleasure, carrying a perfume, elegance and freshness that breathes new life to our settled ideas of classic Australian wine styles, regions and varieties and fine-tuning things to suit our tastes and way of life. Riley Harrison is one to watch and his wines are built for enjoyment at the next barbecue, beach day or catchup with friends.

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