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Producer Spotlight: Gentle Folk Single Vineyard Releases

Producer Spotlight: Gentle Folk Single Vineyard Releases

A big highlight of our trade tastings over the past month has been the superb single vineyard wines from Gentle Folk. For the past few years they have been growing in both depth and complexity and truly showcasing the ways the land that they farm can convey differences in flavour and structure.

Gareth and Rainbo and their team have been have been getting to know the eight hectares of vines that they manage themselves - farming their vineyards organically with some bio-dynamic preparations used throughout the year. They also make use of green manure/ flowering cover crops, grazing animals and various organic fertilizers to help keep their vines and soils happy and healthy.


From there the winemaking is low-input, allowing the wines to express themselves fully. We're excited to be able to share these special wines with you today!

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