Vinify: Featured Winery of the Week

Vinify: Featured Winery of the Week

East End Cellars’ Featured Winery of the Week tastings have been one way that we can directly showcase some of the terrific wines produced by our local wine industry, but an equally important pillar of our store has always been the important relationships we have built with our wine importers and distributors. This Friday and Saturday we welcome Nik Panetta from Vinify, to take us on a trip through Northern Italy.


We’ll be starting off on the Adriatic coastline for a crisp, maritime-tinged Verdicchio, before veering towards the lush green hills of the Veneto for a dash of spritzy Prosecco and Soave. From there, there’s a fork in the road between stoic, alpine-influenced Lagrein from the Alto Adige, and rich and fleshy wines from Piemonte – Nebbiolo and Barbera. In the mix there’ll be plenty of opportunities to share stories of Roman Holidays and La Dolce Vita!


Vinify champions a diverse cast of producers from around the world with a special focus on all things Italian. We’re excited to share some new discoveries with you in this week’s exciting line-up!


Tasting runs Friday 5-7pm and Saturday 4-6pm in the East End Cellars Bottle Shop.

A presto!     

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