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Sc Pannell Smart Grenache 2021

Sc Pannell Smart Grenache 2021

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Aromas of frankincense, incense, raspberry leaf tea and orange peel transported some of us to our youth and time spent sitting or kneeling in pews. Pomegranate, persimmon, sage and white pepper, an alpine stream and fresh flowers took others to time spent in mountain air. Aromas and flavours that have the power to transpose time and place.
The tannins are coiled and restrained by a corset of acid that releases on the back palate to reveal a bustle of fruit. The texture is polite and restrained but you can’t help but feel an edginess. It's light on its feet, exquisitely balanced, salivatingly moreish and definitively medium bodied. In the words of Stephen Pannell, “Geez that’s pretty.”

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