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Domaine Henri Germain Bourgogne Rouge 2021

Domaine Henri Germain Bourgogne Rouge 2021

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The Germain methods are very traditional with organic farming, low yields and cellar work that keeps interference to a minimum. Prior to 2004, the wines had been excellent; tightly wound, classic and long-lived. From 2004, thanks to subtle changes in viti and vini culture, the wines became more textural, more intense and more mind-blowing. The vinification is minimalist in the extreme with no added yeasts, no enzymes and not even any bâtonnage (bar extremely austere vintages like 1996). If the lees are sufficiently clean, the wines are not racked and the élevage lasts 18 months for the village wines and a full 22 months for the remaining wines. The wines are rarely fined or filtered. The cold cellars make for a very long, slow élevage, the malos are always late and the primary fermentations typically take between three and twelve months. Importantly, the wines see little new oak, usually between 20-30%.

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